About Golflawyer

Bad things happen at good golf courses. Some are avoidable. Some are not. Golf is different than other sports and athletic endeavors. There are no referrees … no umpires … no coaches to keep order for the players on the playing field. Let’s think about it … we are talking about people propelling a little hard white ball at great speeds across an expanse of land. There is a degree of risk involved in sport, and it is certainly the case with golf.

The question is… what do golfers do about it, what do owners and operators do about it, what do architects and builders do, and what do golf course managers, professionals and superintendents do about risk? In these challenging ecomomic times for the golf industry, how does a golf course find the time, energy, resources and the know-how to address various potential sources of liability? This blog will collect thoughts on golf course liability and offer a forum for people to discuss practical solutions to these issues.

I am an attorney based in St. Paul, Minnesota. I represent and consult with golf clubs, golf course architects, and other members of the golf course industry. I have spoken and written on many subjects related to golf and the law and provided expert witness testimony in legal cases involving errant golf shots. My most recent written works include “Lord of the Links” (profile of golf course developer Mike Keiser) and “Throwing Caution to the Wind? – Designing a Safe Blind Par 3 in Today’s Litigious Society”. Both of these articles can be found in Golf Course Architecture.

Please reach me directly at 651-230-0202 or michael@golflawyer.com if you would like to discuss the details of a golf course liability issue privately.


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